About Us


The vision and passion for art and design ignite this ambitious project. Entrepreneur Juan Pablo Franco and architect Alvaro Moragrega, partner to bring a new glimpse of their perspective for quality art and its importance. Art represents not only culture and aesthetics but an investment for our future generations to perceive the journey of society through time. Due to the accelerated technological advances that we experience in this generation a rupture has emerged on what the unique experience of acquiring fine art used to be. It’s our goal to rekindle the relation between art and consumer, to create not only a keen eye for quality art collections but an incomparable network to our wave of affordable luxury vision, a legacy for those to come.

Please note that F•M is open by appointment only. If you are unable to attend our exhibit opening, please contact us to schedule an appointment at info@francomoragrega.com or 619.271.7215.

Office Hours M-F 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Visits are only with prior appointment.