Ann Thornycroft

Artist Ann Thonycroft obtained her Higher Diploma in Art from Chelsea School of Art, London in 1968. Since completing her education, Thonycroft successfully emerged into the professional art world in multiple platforms and her work now forms part of public and private art collections.

Thornycroft artwork spans a variety of media and approaches, including oil paint on canvas, watercolor paintings and printmaking. The images range from abstract gestural paintings which explore the vocabulary of painting, to representational images referencing plants and landscapes. Many of the images incorporate layers of different paint methods of application, including rendering, poured paint and mark making. The grid structure has been the foundation of most of my images throughout her career.

Shapes repeat in a pattern or become “neo-cubist” facets that can be areas floating against recessive fields. Colors and shapes are one and the same entity. They divide the painting into grids. The color selection used for shapes are seemingly randomly chosen but there is great calculation behind the choices as the colors aid the formation of the composition. A juxtapose of chaotic backgrounds contained by an orderly layer composed of shapes and patterns.