Melissa Alfaro

Alfaro (Guerrero, 1989) graduated from the University of Guadalajara with a degree in Visual Arts. Her work is focused on contemplation and investigation of the basic concepts of photography. In her images, we find a point of intersection between pictorial issues and formal concerns. Landscape and architecture are elements that influence her work.

She has participated in several group exhibitions such as: Sálvese quien pueda (2016) and Usted esta aquí (2013) (Museum of the City of Guadalajara); Bird in space (2015) and ATRERE-A. UN-M2 (2012) (Demetria Gallery); Reel World (2012) (Ministry of Tourism of Jalisco); CLASICO (2012) (Tiro al Blanco Gallery); and other spaces such as TRAMA Art and Restoration Center, Art Lab Jorge Martínez, Instituto Cultural Cabañas and Central Library CUCSH University Center of Social Sciences and Humanities. She has attended seminars for philosophy and architectural theory.