CAAP | Contemporary Art Appreciation Program


FRANCO • MORAGREGA  is proud to hold its first workshop program for contemporary art appreciation, imparted by Relaciones Inesperadas.
From a viewer standpoint, this program aims to build a relationship with contemporary art. The participants will be guided to develop an affinity and understanding of what contemporary art is.

Registration are open by modules.

Modules initiate:

Module #1 June 6th, 2018.

Module #2 June 7th, 2018.

To learn more about registration and fees, contact us :

 Registration fee $250.00
Fee per module (monthly) $450.00


Relaciones Inesperadas is a cultural and artist professional organization. RI has developed and conducted contemporary art research, educational, and production programs over a period of five years within the region of Tijuana, Mexico. Each program is carefully designed and conducted by art and culture masters who are current professionals within the field of design and art, educators eager to share their knowledge and experience. CAAP is designed to target an audience who desires to broaden their knowledge and understanding about contemporary art. A global audience who through the program will develop not only a conscious about art, but also a final produced art piece which will depict their program accomplishment.

Each module lasts one month (four classes of 3 hours each).

Modules Contents

1. Introduction to Contemporary Art
2. Visual Language
3. Art Technologies
4. Project Production
5. Writing of artist’s statement
6. Production, assembly and exhibition

Applicant Information

Submit Examples of Artwork (if applicable)

Previous Work Produced (Artistic Discipline)

PaintingDrawingPhotographySculptureMixed MediaVideoInstallationPerformance Art

Upload Media

Use this section to upload (up to 4) media for your artwork (JPG, PNG, PDF). Max file size is 1mb. Larger files should be shared via file sharing services (i.e. google drive, dropbox, etc.)

$250.00 Registration Fee

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