Alejandro Fournier

Multidisciplinary artist based on Guadalajara,México. Since 1997, Alejandro Fournier has been involved in art and its production, where he has bind and integrated different medias and techniques to produce his artwork. His work main interest is the relationship between art and science, relational art, community and futurism, the application of investigation and its methodology, the application of distinctive axes through history; his artwork is intended to resemble and portray distinct messages through the path of time.

Fournier has collaborated in more than 250 contemporary art exhibitions in galleries and museums in Mexico and internationally, both as an independent and collective as Sector Reforma ( Co-directed: Javier Cárdenas Tavizon, Santino Escatel, Alejandro Fournier) from 2003 until date. Among his most recent work is the project Alter Ego: Joe From Wisconsin, this as an extension of his artwork.

Alejandro Fournier trajectory has an extensive list of collaborations, mentions and recognitions. He has created multiple permanent interventions in public spaces, for which he has received support and funding from organizations such as FONCA, CECA, Programa al Estímulo a la Creación Artística, PAC, Gobierno del Estado; along with multiple art residencies abroad and selected for multiple art biennials, video festivals  and sound art. He is currently member of the Artist Pension Trust (APT) and the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte (SNCA, FONCA, 2016).