Dionisio Ceballos

Dionisio Ceballos (b. 1972, Mexico City) is a multidisciplinary artist known for his murals, and luminous, colorful abstract work. Ceballos has discovered a prolific language in the constant exploration to extract the mystical, the natural accidents – the substantial. The studies of light, the translucency and the ludic atmospheres are characteristics of his work. His paintings become a translation of the chaotic towards the beautiful – from the unpredictable to the essential.

Ceballos’ influences range from the Mexican masters Rufino Tamayo and Pedro Coronel to the American expressionist school and the bright hues of his native culture. Ceballos is an Emmy award winner for his work as an artist and animator and has received several awards and grants for his creativity. He currently loves with his wife Erin and daughter Emilia in Northern California, where he exhibits his work at the SF MOMA artist gallery.