José Fors

José Fors was born July 30th, 1958, in Havana Cuba. The fifth child of six, his parents decided to move to the United States in 1960 – where they resided in Miami, Louisiana and Houston. In 1967, Fors moved to Mexico, for the first time, where he resided in the city of Guadalajara and began attending the art academy at the age of nine.

In 1975, he concluded a technical career in advertising drawing at a public school in Miami. He immediately took anatomy drawing classes with the teacher Roberto Martinez, whose guidance evolved his art to master oil painting. With the influence of his mentors, colleagues such as Miguel Padure and Cuban artist Ramon Carulla, Fors obtained his first solo exhibition at Virginia Miller Gallery in Miami. During his stay in Florida, he spent time interacting with his uncle, poet and friend, Lucas Lamadrid, who immensely influenced Fors concept of thought and action on art. In 1980, Fors returns to Guadalajara, where he stared to work independently by teaching drawing. In 1982, he mounted what he considers to be his first official solo exhibition titled Nosotros los Cobardes (Us the Cowards); this exhibition was the one that opened the door to his career as professional artist and established him in the city where in 1996, he was nationalized as a Mexican.

In 2004, the University of Guadalajara published the book José Fors 25 Años, which included a grand exhibition of retrospective of his art in the museum of the arts in the same university. Later, he emerged into expressionism and abstract genres. Until 2012, when he returned to his greater passion of anatomy drawing. Fors is accounted to have had 60 international solo exhibitions. His daily artwork production is in Zapopan, Jalisco, where he lives with his wife Vera and son Jack.