Larry Simon

Educated as a journalist, Larry Simon was a sportswriter, award-winning advertising copywriter and commercial voiceover before turning to photography full-time.

His two decades as a narrator gave him the creative and personal time and space to pursue the art of making photographs during periods of travel mostly in Europe and Japan. In 2013, with more than 11,000 digital photographs enduring solitary confinement in his laptop, friends and colleagues encouraged Simon to begin showing his work.

Simon blends his instincts for street photography with his love of composition to tell compelling tales of solitude and contemplation through the lenses of his rangefinder camera, without zoom or tripod, and free of filters or any form of post manipulation. All images are true photographs.

His influences include photographer Saul Leiter, author Haruki Murakami and painter Gerhard Richter, who once observed, “I like continual uncertainty.” A constant roamer, Simon is based in Chicago.

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