Rocio Saenz

Rocio Saenz Tributary Society Art collection is the artist most recent creation. Through an immersive reflection of society, Saenz shares her satirical vision of order and the relevance of values imposed in this era. We must stand out and switch the pattern and modify the structure that determines order. The guidelines by which we decide our lifestyle, regardless of foreign opinion or concept, interference or the lack of obligation to adapt to the actual principles stated by others.

In ancient times, the defeated would lose their possessions to pay tribute to the victorious. This tradition has changed over time, we now belong to an army who are in endless debt. We insist in preserving this lifestyle by accumulating more debt and being consumed by it. We have invented systems with flaws that rise and collapse over and over, still believing in utopias to fill our emptiness as a society. It is uncertain to decode what social strategy or system will be effective – maybe, the media, the abandonment of technology, or an action of state – to obtain a sustainable society.

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