Between life and death is a moment than encompasses both: the instant and the eternal.  It’s in this instances where the surreal happens and actions enclose meaning and direction.

In Mexican culture death is only an extension of life and life a place where the dead co-exist with the living.  In this exhibition, we’ve chosen three artists that celebrate life through death and turn the instant into the eternal. Crimen builds cartoonish imagery through ceramics sculptures that seduce in a childish manner only to captivate us with devilish scenes of impossible outcomes, where doll like girls succumb to death through multiple beastly attacks.  In the tradition of Botero, she creates out of proportion shapes that relate to us through collective memory of a childish past.

Saenz, who has shared her studio with Crimen, works with a multitude of characters, mixed in paintings and drawings that also combine many techniques.  The outcomes are landscapes where monsters, bloody infestations and battles, coexist with boxers, warrior girls and bystanders.  This turn into complex compositions in the tradition of Renascent painters, where the foreground is only one level of the story, and the landscape, in turn, encloses meaning, symbolism and context.

Guerrero has been participating with Franco•Moragrega since our opening. Now he partakes with ceramic, a tradition he inherited from his father, one of the best traditional ceramists in México.  He mixes the impossible with the obvious to create a line of work that lingers between the conceptual and the figurative.  His famous ghostly ‘monks’ contemplate, judge and meditate, while the toy cars form an impossibility owing to both, surreal and conceptual art.  From there his compositions turn even more conceptual and establish a relationship with Povera Art and the Minimalism.

FM Exhibition LIFE/DEATH (Painting & Sculpture) Participating Artist:

Rocio Saenz
Adrian Guerrero
Sofia Crimen

Opening Reception Friday July 13th, 2018.


Exhibition runs from : July 13th to September 4th

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